It’s without a doubt, very comfortable to chill near a fireplace when it’s very chilly outside, especially during winter. However, does the fireplace properly distribute the heat inside your home? One of the most awesome reasons why you should get a fireplace is that it helps you reduce energy costs while giving a natural heating element to warm up your home and a dim light to make you feel nice and cozy.

However not all fireplaces are used to maximize its efficiency, here are a few tips to make your fireplace a much more efficient source of heat:

Get a fireplace insert

With a fireplace insert you can definitely create a significant change in the efficiency of distribution of heat in your home. This appliance is designed to make your heat source more efficient. It’s made of a heavy steel cast of iron installed inside a masonry fireplace and has an insulated glass for you to see the fire while protecting you from being in contact with it.

Close your chimney damper

If you close the damper while the fireplace is not lit up, it could save you tons of money for the costs of heating and cooling your home. The damper controls the smoke and air that travels up the chimney and if the fireplace is not lit then the air from the outside could go in from the damper making the house harder to warm up. There are also these things called chimney caps that are similar to a damper which closes the chimney from the top. Both of these can help reduce energy costs in your home.

Use seasoned hardwood logs

Burning the right wood can help you improve the efficiency of your fireplace. The wood should be thoroughly dried out and it usually takes about 6 months for the moisture inside the log to properly dissipate. These are called seasoned logs and they are the most efficient type of logs to burn in a fireplace.

Regulate the fire manually

Know the amount of firewood or logs to put in the fireplace, too much would burn out a lot of firewood so it’s best if you just regulate and burn a hot fire and continually build it up by adding more logs. It’s better to regulate a consistent fire than building a huge one.

Get it maintained regularly

The best way to improve the efficiency of your fireplace is by regularly cleaning it. Always clean out the bottom pan from ash and also take out the soot from the inside of the fireplace.

With these tips it is sure that you can ramp up the efficiency of your fireplace to the next level. Enjoy your winter with a warm fireplace together with your family. If you don’t have a fireplace yet, you can hire masonry services to build you one or restore your old fireplace. Masonry services usually have a wide array of materials they can use to build a strong and aesthetic fireplace for your home.